Natalie Wischer

RN, BN, RM, CDE, Grad Dip Mgmt, Grad Cert Diab Ed

Natalie Wischer is the founder and Executive Director of Australian Diabetes Online Services and with over 13 years experience in working in diabetes and presenting on this      subject and technology is frequently asked to share her passion and global knowledge with the broader health care industry and  is an inspiring and engaging presenter.

Her recent speaking engagements include plenary speaker at the  ADEA Queensland Annual State Conference, two sessions at the National Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney and opening speaker at the Victorian Australian Diabetes Educators Association  State Conference. She also presented at the National Diabesity conference 2013. She also writes articles on technology and diabetes that feature in the Diabetes Management Journal, Australian Diabetes Educator Journal and for Diabetes Australia’s consumer magazine, Conquest.

Natalie’s full profile can be found at LinkedIn:‎

Also read the recent article written by Diabetes Queensland Under the spotlight with Natalie Wischer

Feedback from Natalie’s audiences include: 

  • One of the best and most engaging presentations that I have heard in a long time
  • Absolutely fantastic, enlightening.
  • Excellent presentation
  • Energetic, interactive, funny
  • Fantastic presentation! I am heading home to join twitter
  • Great opening session
  • Motivated me to learn about IT
  • Excellent an eye opener for me , helping me to get interested with technology
  • Very inspirational – practical approach to use for the future
  • I am much more empowered now
  • Fantastic and a pleasure to listen to , highly recommended.
  • Great presentation and I’ll try to get more interested in using technology in my practice
  • Very inspiring
  • Great presentation
  • Very interesting and up to date
  • Very engaging speaker
  • MotivationalADS 2013 Technology Symposium presentation
  • Dynamic
  • Really entertaining