More muscle lowers your BGL’s

More muscle lowers your BGL’s

Building muscle lowers your blood glucose levels and burns more energy even whilst you’re sitting watching TV!

There has been much research into this area and it is conclusive; muscle is not only good for making sure you stay strong, but it improves your sensitivity to insulin which in turn lowers your glucose levels. The research also supports the theory that the more muscle mass you have the more likely you are to manage your weight. Now isn’t that great news!

I hear you say that you don’t have weights or access to a gym. No worries at all. You can use drink bottles filled with water or simply do leg lifts. Flexibility and balance exercises also lead to improved strength so find your nearest Tai-chi, Yoga or Pilates class for tips there.

If you do have an injury, it is always a good idea to check with a physio or your GP about appropriate exercises.

Ideally you should do some strength training 2-3 times every week and the bonus of this is that it has been shown to lift your mood as well.

Have some fun with this!

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