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You may or may not notice but at ADOS we are very careful about the language we use. You will not see a use the term ‘diabetic’ for example as this term labels someone by their condition. Instead will use the phrase ‘a person with diabetes’.  People with diabetes are a person first and should not be defined by a health condition.

We also do not use negative terms such as ‘sufferer’. Many of our clients at ADOS do not actually suffer with diabetes. They use their diagnosis to make some remarkable changes to their overall health and live a long and happy life with diabetes.

At ADOS we treat everyone as an individual and are respectful and non judgemental. Our care and services are based on empowering people to self manage diabetes through really getting to know our clients and focusing on what can be achieved and supporting people through this process. We work with our clients to find what they want to achieve from their health and life overall and discuss ways that this can be obtained.

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