Gourmet diabetes meals for less than $10



We are delighted to see a great selection of new and delicious meals from our friends at Diabetes Meals Online http://diabetesmealsonline.com.au/

As their website states, managing diabetes doesn’t mean skimping on flavour. Their range is fabulous and they also are now offering a large range of smoothies now too.

The convenience of having these meals delivered to your or your loved one’s door each week is very re-assuring as you can be assured they are suitable, tasty and nutritious meals.

All the meals are clearly marked with carbohydrate and sugar content so no nasty surprises on the blood glucose meter or the waistline.

There is a team of health care professionals (including myself) that are apart of Diabetes Meals Online so you can be assured that each of their meals meet the strict nutritional and quality criteria you should expect from an organisation that really cares about people living with or caring for people with diabetes.

I encourage you to have a look at their website and sample some meals – you will be really happy you did. Also consider what you could save in time and money by avoiding driving to the shops, finding a carpark, doing the shopping, cooking at home (especially if its for one) and then waste from leftovers – all this can be avoid for less than $10 per meal.




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