Do Apps help with diabetes management?

More muscle lowers your BGL’s

There is an App for just about everything these days and the great thing is, many of them are free. You may then

Apps for managing diabetes

Apps for managing diabetes

think if they are free they are of little value, but this is often not the case. There is an enormous range of free Apps that offer an incredible range of tools that far exceed those that cost more.

So how do you know where to start and what to choose? Well this really depends on what you are interested in or wish to work on. A good place to start is good old Google. First think about what you want and then type in a simple search question such as “what is the best exercise app?” for example. You will have a ton of highly rated apps listed. You can then go to your App store in iTunes or Android and search for that App, also check out its ratings in store.

So, lets say you really want to exercise more regularly but it has been too cold outside or you don’t like exercising in public. There are a plethora of free apps that offer you a range of training programs from beginner to advanced. Take for example the free Nike Training app. This offers a range of different programs all with step by step photos and instructions of each exercise and a timer for how long to do each one. It tracks and records your workouts and gives you bonus programs as rewards.

Other similar exercise Apps that require little if no equipment and are free, include Personal Trainer lite and Workouts. But if you are happy with the exercise you are currently doing but interested in tracking distance, calories burned, speed etc, then our favourites are Endomondo and the MapMyRun, Walk, or Ride series of GPS trackers that can chart your location, wind speeds and even hydration requirements given the particular exercise you are doing.

So what about specific Apps for diabetes? Well again it depends on what you are wanting to track and that will depend on what meter or pump you have and what services this already offers. The best place to start is seeing if there is an App or computer program that goes with your particular meter or pump. This may allow you to upload your results when you plug your device in and review your levels in a whole variety of ways and add more information about medications, diet and exercise.

The iBGstar by Sanofi is a meter that fits to an iPhone, iPod or iPad and automatically uploads your results to their App, add more information and send that information directly to your health care professionals. At ADOS we love the simplicity and ease that this meter offers our clients who want to share their BGL’s with us.

There are some super sophisticated Apps out there for helping to manage insulin intake matching it with carbs, exercise and blood glucose levels. One of the best has been developed in Australia by a fellow who has Type 1 diabetes himself. It is called RapidCalc and is packed with wonderful features. Despite it costing $8.49, it is full of useful and fun features that, when you think about it, is cheaper than 2 cups of coffee! Check out the YouTube clip on it.

In summary, there are PLENTY of incredible Apps out there and many of them free or inexpensive. Think about what you are interested in, do your research, download them and try them out! Apps are wonderful tools to assist you with your diabetes management, keep you focused, motivated and on track.

Please tell us what Apps you love.



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