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diabetes services australia

What diabetes services are available in Australia?
Your GP is a key part of your diabetes services australia. They can coordinate your overall care and arrange for a team of health care professionals that will support you in achieving the best possible outcomes for your diabetes management.

It is essential that someone with diabetes seek the services of a credentialed diabetes educator (CDE) for optimal diabetes outcomes in management.

Credentialled Diabetes Educators are appropriately trained health professionals who have attained additional qualifications and have demonstrated skills and experience on top of their primary professional discipline to care for people with diabetes in collaboration with the person with diabetes and the multidisciplinary team of health care providers.

When do you need the services of a Credentialled Diabetes Educator?

People should seek the services of a Credentialled Diabetes Educator from diagnosis.

Diabetes care and services provided by a CDE in Australia can assist in the following ways:

  • Understanding how lifestyle interventions can significantly decrease the chances of acquiring the complications of diabetes
  • Blood glucose stabilisation
  • Learning the skills required to manage diabetes at diagnosis such as monitoring, frequency of testing, interpreting the results and what to do about the high and low blood glucose levels
  • What changes can be made to lifestyle that will positively impact on a persons health and wellbeing
  • Support in making suitable dietary and exercise changes for the individual
  • Understanding of the impact of factors such as stress, various medications, hormones and other issues that can reek havoc with blood glucose control
  • Provision of the latest information on medications, new treatments and equipment options
  • The ongoing monitoring for complications

What other Diabetes services can people seek in Australia?

Dietician:  These health care professionals assist with reviewing dietary patterns, general health and well being and support people with diabetes toward making improvements that will ultimately impact on their overall physical condition.

Endocrinologist / Diabetolgists (specialised field of Endocrinology). These specialist doctors form a crucial part of the diabetes care team when a persons’ health is compromised by complications or when conventional diabetes management regimens are not working.

Psychologist / Counsellor: Research has clearly identified that the diagnosis of diabetes can lead to depression. With or without depression, seeking the services of a counsellor or psychologist at any stage can assist with overall mental health and well being.

Exercise physiologists: Specialise in assessing individual’s abilities and health to devise suitable physical activity that may be enjoyable. Exercise is a key contributor to overall control of the condition and finding exercise that appeals is very important in being able to sustain it over the longer term.

Podiatrists are health care professionals that focus on the health feet. For people with diabetes, foot care is crucial in preventing long term and debilitating complications that can lead from diabetes. Regular visits to a podiatrist can assist in the prevention, early detection and management of diabetes complications.

Ophthalmologists are doctors who have specialised in the care of the eye. As this is a possible area for diabetes complications to occur, it is very important for reviews to occur on a minimum of every 2 years. Seeking the services of an ophthalmologist can lead to early detection of complications can significantly contribute to quick treatment and the prevention of long term eye damage.

There are also many other health care professionals not listed here that can provide the services needed by someone with diabetes. The need for additional services and health professionals will be determined in conjunction with your General Practitioner and other health care team members.

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