Diabetes Care Australia


Do you know the minimum standards of diabetes care are in Australia?

The following form the basis of the minimum of diabetes care Australia:

At each appointment with your general practitioner your care should include a:

  • Complete a detailed review of your blood glucose levels
  • Review of your blood pressure at least once a year if normal or at each visit if elevated
  • Complete appraisal of the medicines you take
  • Check your of HbA1c levels (a blood test aimed to take a patient’s average glucose levels during the past two to three months). This should be done every 3 to 6months
  • weight and waistline measurement

The following should be checked at least every 12 months:

  • Blood tests to identify the following: total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol), as well as your triglycerides.
  • Urine test to determine the levels of protein and albumin, which may be an early indication of kidney trouble.
  • Eye examination: A test administered by an ophthalmologist to check for any diabetes related eye disease or retinopathy
  • Foot examination: This is to test and check problems in circulation or specific diabetes issues such as numbness of the feet which is an indicator of poor blood glucose control.

Diabetes care Australia treatment targets

  • Blood pressure <130/80
  • Total cholesterol <4mmol/L; HDL cholesterol > 1mmol/L
  • HbA1c <7%
  • LDL cholesterol <2.5mmol/L; triglycerides <1.5mmol/L
  • Urine test to check albumin levels <20mg/L
  • Albumin: Creatinine ratio Men <2.5mg/mmol; Women <3.5mg/mmol

The above listed targets are guides only and your health care team will develop the best targets for you and your situation.

The aim of diabetes care Australia at ADOS Australian Diabetes Online Services is to empower the person with diabetes to manage their own health through supporting them with:

  • Appropriate lifestyle adjustments
  • Understanding the various treatment choices
  • How to best avoid complications
  • The requirements and options for ongoing care
  • How to manage the impact of diabetes on all other aspects of their lives


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