Aboriginal Health Care

There is no doubt that diabetes is a big health problem for many Indigenous people. Type 2 diabetes rates are four times higher in Indigenous compared to non-Indigenous people. Many people die from diabetes complications.

Sadly, as with most other areas of Indigenous health, there is not enough being done to reduce the incidence or lessen the harmful effects of this condition. The reasons for this are extensive and complex however access to appropriate and specialist services is one of solutions that ADOS offers.

The health needs of Indigenous Australians are unique and understanding of this is essential to ensuring that service delivery is not only appropriate but effective.

ADOS staff have extensive experience in living in remote communities and working with Aboriginal people. This experience enables ADOS to offer Indigenous people and communities all the benefits of its services including:

  • 24/7 appointments
  • Clinic staff support and advice
  • Individualized and holistic care programs
  • Development of diabetes education programs appropriate to indigenous communities
  • On-site diabetes clinic implementation
  • Access to free blood glucose meters and education on their use